Give something back with Snowdonia Giving

We’re supporting Snowdonia Giving – an initiative set up to help to raise money to maintain the jewel of North Wales: Snowdonia.

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If you’re staying with us, you may notice a small, voluntary donation of £2 added onto your bill. We’re really hoping that you share in our enthusiasm and passion for supporting Snowdonia Giving – an initiative set up to help to raise money to maintain the jewel of North Wales: Snowdonia.

As a hotel nestled at the foot of Snowdon, we think it’s important to give back to the community that we benefit from and we hope our guests feel the same way. We’re really proud to have raised over £1,800 in visitor donations, but we need your help to raise even more!

Snowdonia is such a magical place; it brings tourists, walkers and climbers to our region year after year and all year round. Did you know, almost half a million walkers tackle Snowdon each year, and that number is rapidly increasing. Whilst it’s amazing so many people want to experience our beautiful mountain, the downside is the detrimental impact on the environment and wildlife they have. For example, paths are eroded and drainage systems need repair. Add to that the upkeep of carparks and other amenities in the park plus staffing and training people to do the work and you have a mammoth task on your hands.

Naturally, all this costs money – a lot of money. There are many public and private bodies helping to maintain the park, such as the National Trust and Natural Resources Wales, but there’s still a huge shortfall of £150,000 every year. That’s why people like us – the people who enjoy the park and its surroundings – need to help out where we can.

At the moment, Snowdonia Giving is concentrating on raising funds for three key areas: Snowdon Mountain Paths, the Snowdonia Circular Route and Young People and Traditional Skills.

Snowdon Mountain Paths – large stretches of the path need replacing and repairing after storm damage and walkers. Because the stones of the mountain are protected, materials need to be brought in from elsewhere, and, as it’s pretty difficult to get a big vehicle up the side of a mountain, the stones need to be brought in by helicopter. This doesn’t come cheap.

The Snowdon Circular Route focuses on the paths and areas in the valleys around Snowdon. Not everyone can or wants to summit the mountain itself, and sometimes, the weather is against it. By keeping a good network of pathways, bridleways, car parks, camp sites and other amenities, everyone can enjoy the stunning scenery.

Young People and Traditional Skills aims at helping to provide practical opportunities and experiences to get young people interested, involved and educated about the countryside and the mountains, and to train them in the skills needed to keep the area in perfect condition.

Here’s a short video from the Snowdonia Giving website which shows what your donations go towards.

We’re really happy to answer any questions you have on your donation, or the Snowdonia Giving initiative, and you can also find plenty more information on the official website, by clicking here.