Snowdon Routes: Navigating Difficulty Levels

Your guide to our 7 walking routes of Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) – in order of difficulty.

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Planning your adventure to the summit of the highest mountain in Wales? Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a leisurely walker, there’s a walking route for you. You can conquer the vast 1,085 metre (3,650 feet) landscape of this natural beauty following one of our 7 different Snowdon routes, which we’ve ranked in order from most to least difficult, so you can choose the right path for your visit.

Crib Goch route


1. Crib Goch

7 miles, 1,100 metres climb

If you relish a challenging hike, we recommend the Snowdon Horseshoe route. Starting at the Pen-y-Pass, this walking route includes a strenuous journey along the knife-edge ridge of Crib Goch. After crossing Crib Goch’s daunting ridge, you’ll pass the formidable pinnacles before ascending Carnedd Ugain and reaching the summit of Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon).

2. The Watkin Path

3.7 miles, 860 metres climb

Next up on our list for the hiking enthusiast is another of the most difficult Snowdon routes – The Watkin Path. Although the most substantial climbs of all, this path up Snowdon is bursting with historical and natural landmarks. You’ll see old tramways from its mining days, as well as the infinity pools and waterfalls made famous on Instagram.

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3. The Pyg Track

3.1 miles, 700 metres climb

It might be number three, but we still find this Snowdon route pretty difficult. On this one, you’ll journey from Pen-y-Pass through the northern base of Crib Goch, where you’ll face challenging zig-zags. The terrain can become quite slippery in icy weather, so make sure to be prepared and stay safe on the route.

4. The Rhyd Ddu Path

3.7 miles, 860 metres climb

You’ll need a head for heights on this Snowdon route. Journey through the winding paths of the scenic countryside before setting off on a difficult trek up the ridge of Llechog. The climb finishes in a rocky scramble towards the peak, presenting a challenging yet exhilarating experience.

5. The Miners Track

3.7 miles, 765 metres climb

From a flat walk to a challenging mountain trail, this route up Snowdon offers an engaging mix of landscapes. Popular among fellow visitors, this path is ideal to take in the off-peak season, so you’ll have space to park your car and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

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6. The Ranger’s Path

3.7 miles, 900 metres climb

For anybody new to hiking, or for those who want to enjoy the stunning natural landscape of Snowdon on their journey, we recommend taking The Ranger’s Path. You’ll set off on the tranquil shores of Llyn Cwellyn, adventuring through rugged terrain towards the towering cliff face of Clogwyn Du’r Arddu to get to the all-important summit.

7. Llanberis Path

4.3 miles, 945 metres climb

Nestled at the foot of the Snowdonia Mountain range, our hotel is the perfect base if you’re looking for a slower-paced adventure. This Snowdon route begins from our quaint village of Llanberis, hugging a gradual ridge for almost nine miles. Offering a spectacularly unspoiled view of the mountain’s landscape, it’s undoubtedly the most popular walking route to the summit.

Whichever route you decide to take, you’ll reap the benefits of the fresh air, stunning scenery of the mountains and an adventure to remember. To help you on your way, download the Snowdon Walks App for guidance on your chosen route and get extra support on staying safe on the mountain.

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